Sower, Christopher, Junior (Germantown , PA)

Christopher Sower (Sauer), Junior

Type founder, paper ruler, ink manufacturer, and bookbinder


Pennsylvania ( ?(*) -1784)  1.

  • A   C. Sewer published an edition of The new England Primer, in Germantown in 1770. This could be Sower Sr, . Paul Leicester Ford, The New England Primer, a History, 1897,  pg. 315.

  • Christopher Jr. was  trained as a printer by his father, and would later
    established him self as a bookbinder. Upon, his father's  death  Christopher
    Jr,  would take on and expand his father's various businesses. Many of these
    businesses were  damaged during the Battle of Germantown. At the end of the
    war his entire estate was confiscated and Christopher would return to binding
    books, an occupation he would continue until his death. see  Isiah Thomas, pg.

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3.  Catalogue of Ornamental Leather Bookbindings Executed in America Prior to
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