Roy, William (Lanaster PA)

William H. Roy

Bookbinder No. 16 South Queen Street


Pennsylvania 1.

The image is of what could be referred to as a Job ticket.  Job tickets would
be inserted into the book when it arrived at the bindery and would contain the
customers name and instruction for binding. The ticket would travel with the
book block as it progressed through the various binding operations and would
be removed  when the book was invoiced and readied for return to the customer.
Job tickets  are still used today by library binders who might need to bind
hundreds of different books and to reconnect them to one of dozens of
different clients. Because of their ephemeral nature these examples of the
internal working of a bookbindery rarely survive. This example survived
because it was mistakenly bound into the volume. One can imagine the binder
searching the bindery for this slip of paper so he return the book to the
proper owner.

This particular example was found in The Lutheran Quarterly, Valentine,
vol.13  on e-bay 250810907551  4 /25/ 11. our thanks to Steve Beare for
calling attention to this image.

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