Roberts, John G. (Boston , MA)

John G. Roberts*


Court street



*A John Roberts changed his name to John Gray Roberts, March 4, 1829. List of Persons whose names have been changed in Massachusetts 1780-1883.

  1. (1810)  Born Somersworth N.H. and came to Boston in 1810. Second Festival
    of the Sons Of New Hampshire, pg. 218.

  2. (pre 1822) Boston Daily Advertiser, April, 16, 1822.

  3. (1822) has removed his Bookbindery from Court street, and taken a Room over
    the Bookstore of Messers Cummings & Hilliard

  4. (1829) admitted to the Association: Joseph T. Buckingham, Annals of The
    Massachusetts  Charitable Mechanic Association, 1853, pg. 228.

  5. (1835) Water street. Boston City Directory

  6. (1835) one of the "principal sufferers" of a fire that destroyed nine or
    ten brick buildings. Gloucester, Democrat, Gloucester, Massachusetts, Oct. 10, 2, 1835.

(1834) Listed as a bookbinder in: 23d Congress, first session, Massachusetts Resolutions Doc. no 175, March 1834

  1. (1849) 8 Water Street. corner of Devonshire. Mercantile Union, Business
    Directory for New England, pg. 116.

  2. (1852) Boston Directory,  ,  Adams. also:  Massachusetts Register for the
    year 1853, George Adams.

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