Ratcliff, John (Boston, MA)

John Ratcliff or Ratcliffe*or Ratliffe



Massachusetts 1. (1663-1682) (1661-1663)3.

see also: Edmund Ranger, bookbinder 

*Ratcliff came from Englandt  to work on the Indian Bible. He was paid two and sixpence per Bible. he finding 'thread, glue, pasteboard, and leather claps for himself'. In 1664, he addressed a memorial to the commissioners of the United Colonies, complaining of the insufficiency of this pay.' I finde by experience'- he writes, from Boston, Aug. 30 [1663],- 'that in things belonging to my trade, I here pay18s. for that which in England I could buy for four shillings, they being things not formerly much used in this country'" Oliver Ayer Roberts, History of the Military company of Mass.,1895 pg., 210.

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2.  Returned to England in 1682. Hannah French, "Early American Bookbinding by
Hand "from: "Bookbinding in America" Lehman-Haupt ed.1967. pp.11,101.

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