Prince Thomas (Salem, MA)

Tomas Prince

Bookbinder and blank-book manufacturer

Essex street


Massachusetts  1.

b. June, 31,1784 d. Nov 15, 1857, 1.

Tapley relates an amusing story about a dispute between Prince and another
bookbinder, Deacon Samuel West: see page 205, 1.

  1. (1806-1837) Salem Imprints 1768- 1825, by Harriet Silvester Tapley pgs

  2. (1806)  "Blank-Book Manufactory, Thomas Prince, informs his friends and the
    public that he makes Blank-Books of all kinds at his manufactory, next to the
    sign of the ship, Essex street.": Salem Gazette, Salem Massachusetts,
    December,30, 1806.

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