Pratt, John (Portland, ME)

John Pratt


over Mr. B. D. Bryent's Store, Fish street.


Maine 1.

  1. (1805) Gazette, Portland, Maine, July 23, 2805.

  2. (1805) " Book-Binding Manufactory. John Pratt, respectfully informs his
    friends and the public, that he has removed from his former stand in Fish
    street, to Fore street, between Union & Long Wharfs... Wanted- A journeyman...
    Also wanted a BOY as an apprentice"... Eastern Argus, (Portland Maine
    November, 22, 1805)

  3. (1806) "John Pratt, Bookbinder...has removed to the Shop three doors south
    of his former stand, in Fore street; at the foot of Plumb street"... : Eastern
    Argus, Portland Maine, January 1, 1807.

  4. (1807) Co-partnership Formed, John Pratt ... has formed a connection in
    business with Mr Mason Putnam... Pratt & Puttnam, Shop between Union and Long
    Wharves, Fore street,  Account Books, Stationer, Bookbinder and Bookseller :
    Eastern Argus, Portland Maine, May 28, 1807.

  5. (1811)  Bookbinder and Blank Book Manufaturer, opposite Mr. Robert Boyd's
    store head of Exchange street. "continues to carry on the Book Binding
    Business as usual in its various Branches" advertisement, Gazette, (Portland
    Maine) Dec. 9, 1811.

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