Olds, Benjamin (Newark, NJ)

Benjamin Olds

Bookseller, Bookbinder and Blank Book Manufacturer

Printing of every Description.

278 Broad Street


New Jersey (1851) 1.

Spawn nos. 127 & 128.  dates 1828-1854

  1. 1851-52  Directory of the City of Newark, Pierson, ad. pg. 353.

  2. Bookseller & Stationer Ticket in the Collection of the Virginia Historical
    Society, (1997.191.6.2) prov. John & Suse Field . same ticket as Spawn 127

  3. An illustration of Olds' ticket and binding can be found in: Dodd, Mead and
    Co.,The Bookman,  vol XVI, Aug. 1902- Feb.1903, pg.171.

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