Nutter & Evans (New York, NY)

Nutter and Evans



New York

New York 1.

  1. (1769) "Bookbinders, acquaint their Friends and the Public in general. That
    they have opened a Shop on Rotton-Row, in the House of Mr. John Jones, where
    they may have all manner of Bookbinding done in the neatest and most elegant
    taste (either in gilt or plain Covers) and on the shortest notice. Ruling ( in
    whatever Form required) performed to Satisfaction; and all other the business
    of Book-Bindering done on reasonable Terms, and with great Accuracy. And
    earnestly sollicits for the Public's favour, particularly those who are
    willing to encourage new Beginners, assuring them, that they will make it
    their unwearied Study to serve themĀ  to the utmost of their Abilities,
    whenever they shall please to favour them with their Commands. They have for
    Sale, Chapman's Books, Both Red and Black inks, made and sold by themselves.
    Likewise Phials of almost any Size, may be had at the said Shop." The New York
    Chronicle, September 28 October, 5, 1769. The Arts and Crafts in New York, The
    New York Historical Society, 1936, vol. LXIX, pg. 246-247
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