Mesier, A. Peter (New York, NY)

Peter A. Mesier*

Bookbinder, Patent Ruled Account Books 2.
and Papermaker

No. 107 Pearl street

New York

New York 1.

  • from: Early American Bookbindings, from the Collection of Michael Papantonio, The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York 1972. see entry #26

1.(1798) No. 107 Pearl street Longworth's city Directory
(1799) Bookbinder and Stationer, 107 Pearl, Longworth's city Directory,pg. 296.

  1. (1800) New York City Directory pg. 16.
    (1801)Bookbinder and Stationer. New York City Directory pg. 232.
  2. (1801) Stationary, Bookseller, Commercial Advertiser, New york, New York,
    June, 24 1801.

  3. (1803)107 Pearl.(NY) Evening Post June3, 1803. (1804)New York City Directory.

  4. Daily Advertiser, New York, New York, May 31, 1803

  5. (1809) In partnership with his brother-in-law David Lydig started a papermill (Lydig & Mesier) on the Bronx Creek. The mill carried on until 1822 when it burned down though the status of the partnership is uncertain. American Paper Mills 1690-1832, John Bidwell pg. 211-212

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