Merrell, Andrew, (Utica, NY)

Andrew Merrell*

Bookbinder, Bookseller & Circulating Library

over the store of  Camp, Merrell & Camp


New York ( 1815) 1.

d. January 26, 1826

*Andrew was the fourth son of Bildad Merrell. He came to Utica in 1812 to learn Bookbinding  and would open a shop in 1815. George and Brother: Bradford S. Merrell came from Westmoreland, learned bookbinding from their relative Andrew Merrell. Wife Harriet .  Pioneers of Utica, pgs  50, 408, 487. 
1. (1817)Uitica City directory
2. Was a partner with Ira Merrill (printer) . Mary P. Ryan,  Cradle of the
Middle Class, pg. 48.

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