McAlpine, Robert (New York, NY)

Robert McAlpine


Hanover Square

New York

New York 1.

Note: "Beaver Street" mentioned by J. Leander Bishop, History of American Manufacturers, 1868, pg. 192. probably refers to: in 1758 McAlpine advertises that he has removed into the Broad-Way, a few doors above Beaver -street. The Weekly Post-Boy May,5,1758

  1. (1741) "Binds Gilds, and letters, all Sorts of Books to Perfection' He may
    be spoke with at the dwelling House in Hanover Square, next Door to Dr.
    Nicolls, N. B. He also sells sundry Sorts of Books" New York Weekly Journal,
    November 30, 1741. The Arts and Crafts in New York, The New York Historical
    Society, 1936, vol. LXIX, pg. 246.

. (1754) February, 29, Advertisement: "Just published and to be sold by Robert McAlpine, bookbinder"... University of Hong kong Libraries electronic resources 11074.

2.(1755)Still at Hanover Square. The New York Mercury, June 16, 1775.

  1. (1755) Broad and Princess Street, Susswein, . source: The N.Y. Gazette Nov.
    17, 1755. The Arts and Crafts in New York, The New York Historical
    Society,1906 pg. 41.

3.(1757) Pursuant to an order... of two Judges of the Supreme Court.. . of New York... do hereby Give Notice to all the Creditors of the said Robert M'Alpine, to show Cause, ... why an Assignment of the Estate of said Robert M'alpine, shall not be made, and he thereupon be discharged from his imprisonment"... The Weekly Post-Boy (N.Y.,N.Y.) August, 29, 1757.

  1. (1758) "Any Gentlemen or Ladies" ..." Enquire for said Person at Mr. Robert, Mr. Alpin Bookbinder and Stationer in Broad street" Has Robert McAlpine altered his name after his recent bankruptcy? This is unlikely given he was using McAlpine later that year. The New York Gazette, March 20, 1758.

5.(1758) Broadway, "Robert M'Alpine, Bookbinder. is removed into a House, opposite the Bowling Green in the Broad-way: where Book-binding is neatly and expeditiously performed" The New York Mercury, May 5, 1758.

  1. (1768) in Beaver street. The Weekly Post-Boy, November 7, 1768.
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