March, Angier (Newburyport, MA)

Angier March

Bookseller, Printer and Bookbinder

North corner Market-Square


Massachusetts, 1.

  1. (1800) "Printing and Bookbinding executed with neatness and dispatch":
    Newburyport Herald, Newburyport, Massachusetts, March 15, 1800.

  2. (1802) South Side Market Square.: Newburyport Herald,  Newburyport,
    Massahusetts, February 19, 1802

  3. (1805) "Angier March Has  this day opened a store in Merrimack street, near
    Market street"... :Newburyport Herald, Newburyport, Massachusetts, October,
    25, 1805.

  4. ( 1807) Angier March Has the Bookbinding Business continued for him by Me.
    Edward I. Waters, a faithful and experienced workman. ... He acquired his
    knowledge of the business in London, where he was many years employed upon
    that kind of work for the Accountant General of the Land Tax office of
    England, and other public offices.": Newburyport Herald,  Newburyport,
    Massachusetts, March 17, 1807.

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