Larkin Ebenezer (Boston, MA)

Ebenezer  Larkin  jun,*


No. 50 Cornhill


Mass 1.

  • "Ebenezer Larkin was the son of Ebenezer Larkin of Charlestown, and was  the fourth on numerical order of seventeen children. His father dying when many of this numerous family were quite young, he was looked to as a parent, and was an excellent son to a widowed mother. He was educated at the public schools in Charlestown. Soon after he was twenty-one he opened a bookstore and carried on the business of a bookbinder, to which business he had served a regular apprenticeship, at No. 47 Cornhill,  now Washington-street near the alley which connects that great thoroughfare with Brattle -street. He died in Boston in 1812, aged 42" Ibid pg. 29

1.(1789) Boston City Directory, pg. 28. (Benjamin Larkin Bookbinder and
Bookseller is at 46 Cornhill)

  1. (1795)  Ebin Larkin. One of the original members of the Association, which
    included Paul Revere.  Joseph T. Buckingham, Annals of The Massachusetts  Charitable
    Mechanic Association, 1853, pg.17

  2. (1789) Bookseller & Stationer. Boston City Directory

  3. (1798- 1805 )  47 Cornhill.  Boston City Directory.

  4. (1800) E & S Larkin, " The Subscriber informs his friends and the public,
    That he has entered into Co-partnership  with his brother SAMUEL LARKIN and
    that in future, business will be conducted under the firm of E & S Larkin at
    No 47, Cornhill" Massachusetts Mercury, Boston, MA.  August 7, 1800.

  5. (1800)  E. & S Larkin's Bookstore No.  47 Cornhill. Independent Chronicle,
    Boston, November, 13, 1800.

  6. (1806) Larkin E. (AND) J..  Boston City Directory

  7. (1813)  47 Cornhill.  Boston City Directory (This would be with out
    Ebenezer as he died in 1812,  see note above.

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