Judah, Napht (New York, NY)

Napht Judah (Naphtali)  (Naphal)*

Bookbinder and Stationer

103 Pearl street

New York

New York 1.

*see   Naphtali Judah, New York bookseller and stationer, by Robert Singerman, 1992. This is the spelling in an ad in the New York Gazette Nov. 24, 1803.

**see: Smith Steven C., The Art of Printing Shall Endure, Graduate Thesis, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia, 2007, pg. 185

***112 Pearl st. ibid pg 185. (1800)

vocal anti slave member of New York. Jews and the American slave Trade,  by
Saul S. Friedman.

1.(1795)New York City Directory, pg. 115.

2.(1798)47 Water St.. City directory. pg.

3.(1799)47 Water St.. Longworth's City directory. pg.265.

4.(1800) 47 Water. New York City Directory pg. 16.

5.(1801) Old Slip,(not listed as bookbinder).New York City Directory pg.204

6.(1801)  84 Maiden-Lane, "Naphtali Judah has recommenced business in the
Book-Selling, Stationary, and Book-Binding" Mercantile Advertiser (New York,
N.Y.) Oct. 28, 1801. Still at this address in February. American Citizen, New
York, New York, February, 22, 1802. Advertising for Lottery tickets, Books
stationary, playing cards, paper asking for clean rags. Mercantile advertiser,
March 13, 1802.

  1. (1802) ...and Stationer, 112 Pearl st.. Hannah French, "Early American
    Bookbinding by Hand" from: "Bookbinding in America" Lehmann-Haupt ed. 1967.

8.(1803) No. 84 Maiden Lane "Naphtali Judah, Having returned to his Book and
Stationary Store" American Citizen, New York, Oct., 14, 1803.

9.(1804) 84 Maiden Lane 300 dozen Skivers for Bookbinders or Hatters for
sale by N. Judah. American Citizen, New York, New York, June,10, 1804.

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