Jewett, John P. (Salem, MA)

John P. Jewett

Bookseller, Publisher, and Bookbinder

opposite the Manston (sp?) House


Massachusetts 1.

  1. (1842) " New Book Bindery, John P. Jewett Respectfully informs his
    customers and the public in general, that he has purchased the entire stock of
    Book Binder's Tools, recently owned by Mr. H. R. Cazneau and having fitted up
    the Chamber over his Bookstore in the best manner for a BOOKBINDERY has made
    arrrangements with a Mr Jonathan Perley (whose qualifications are too well
    known to need comment,) to take charge of the same... New & Fashionable
    Binding Implements... Stimpson's Celebrated Cylindrical Ruling Machines"... 
    Gloucester Telegraph, Gloucester MA., March, 12, 1842.
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