Hart, William (Portsmouth, NH)

William Hart


No.11 Market street

adjoining the N.H. Gazette office


New Hampshire 4.

  1. (1805) "Benjamin Floyd informs the public , that he has formed a connection
    in the Book-Binding business which in future will be carried on under the firm
    of Floyd & Hart".... Benjamin Floyd and William Hart. New Hampshire Gazette,
    Portsmouth, New Hampshire. August 6, 1805.

  2. (1806) "the subscriber informs the public that he has taken the chamber
    adjoining the Gazette office , no 11 Market street, where he intends carrying
    on the Book-Binding business" : New Hampshire Gazette, Portsmouth, New
    Hampshire, August, 19, 1806.

  3. (1807) Hart no Floyd.  "The Bookbinding Business carried on as usual with
    neatness and dispatch by William Hart,  At no 11 market street, adjoining the
    N.H. Gazette": Portsmouth Oracle, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, January 3, 1807.

  4. (1807) "Accounts and Record Books of every size, ruled to any pattern
    desired elegantly and substantially bound, with invented spring backs, by
    which, on the book being opened, the back is thrown up, and every leaf is laid
    flat; which are very convenient and highly necessary for Banks, or other
    public offices, and merchants, where large books are requisite; and but a
    trifle addition to the price more the the common way.":  Farmer's Cabinet,
    Amherst N.H., Jan., 20, 1807.

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