Fowle, George W. (Boston, MA)

George W. Fowle*


next to William Lloyd Garrison's office


Massachusetts, 1853. 1.

1 as a child George was held in the arms by General Lafayette, remembered the
cholera epidemic of 1832 and saw John Wilkes Booth three days before the
Lincoln assassination. In 1844 Fowle moved to Woburn where he had bought a
printing and Stationary Business. Cutter and Adams, Genealogical and Personal
Memoirs relating to the Families of the State of Mass., pg. 2642.

  1. Woburn,Mass.  First located in the Wade Block on Main street ibid pg.2642
    also Massachusetts Register for the year 1853, George Adams.

  2. Bookstore (the first in Woburn) , added publishing and binding (1851)  ibid
    Cutter, pg.2642.

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