Felt, David (Boston , New Orleans, New York, MA , La , NY)

David Felt


1 Kilby St.*


Massachusetts  1.

  • Hannah French, "Early American Bookbinding by Hand "from: "Bookbinding in America" Lehmann-Haupt ed. 1967, pg.100. French states 4 Kilby street the directory clearly states 1 Kilby street. She may have had a different source.

  • (1813) Boston City Directory. (not listed in 1810)

  • (1816) Suffolk buildings, Boston City Directory

  • (1818) Stationer, 63 State street. Boston City Directory

  • (1825) David Felt is admitted to the Association: Joseph T. Buckingham,
    Annals of The Massachusetts  Charitable Mechanic Association, 1853, pg. 193.

David Felt

Bookbinder, Blank book binder, Stationer. Printer

24 Charles street, New Orleans

191 Pearl Street, and 50 Wall Street New York

  1. (1848) "Have facilities for Manufacturing and Importing all articles appertaining to their business which are unequalled, and enable them to sell at lower prices than have have ever prevailed." Copper and letterpress printing. The Daily Crescent December 2, 1848.
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