Faxon, Henry (Buffalo, NY)

Henry Faxton


Main street


New York. 1832. 1

  1. 1832 Crary Directory for the City of Buffalo, pg.75.

2.  Faxon & Read, (William Read) Publishers and Blank Book Manufacturers,113
Main Street.  1842, Walker, Buffalo City Directory. Eben. and Henry Faxton 
are listed as Bookbinder with this firm.

3.  Faxon & Co. Stationers Bookbinders and Printers. 146 Main. (William &
George H. Read are listed at this address.) .1844, Walker, Buffalo City

  1. Henry Faxon bookbinder  boards at Franklin House, there is not a business
    listing. Thomas & Lathrops, The Buffalo Directory, 1855, pg. 272.
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