DeSilver, Thomas (Philadelphia, PA)

Thomas DeSilver*


12 Cressons alley


Pennsylvania 1.

*The Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts lists a Thomas Desilver (same one?) as a playing car maker in Philadelphia in 1813. Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts, vol. 25 no. 1. 1999. Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts identification number:12406

Thomas  and brother Robert Se Silver "operated separately at times and in 1812
as a partnership. In 1814 they seemed to have had separate shops, Thomas at
220 High and, 14 South Seventh and Robert at 110 Walnut street : Letters of
Lewis and Clark Expedition with related Documents By Donald Dean Jackson
Volume 2 page, 603.

  1. (1802) (Thomas ?) Morton &  (Francis or Robert) Desilver 239 South Second
    street. : Philadelphia City Directory, page 177.

  2. (1803)  brother  Robert, bookbinder, is listed at 13 Grays alley in the
    same directory : Philadelphia City Directory, pg. 7

  3. (1810) 152 South Sixth street: Philadelphia City Directory pg. 80.

(1825) 110 Walnut: Philadelphia Directory and Strangers Guide. Robert
DeSilver,  Bookseller, Bookbinder and Stationer.

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