Dean & Co. (Boston, MA)

Dean & Co.    (John Ward Dean and Brother Jeremiah)


31 Cornwall


Massachusetts, 1844. 1.

  • John Ward Dean, b. Wiscasset Maine March 18, 1815 d. Jan. 22,1902. Began training as a bookbinder in Jan. 1830. In Aug 1835 he moved to Boston and worked with Seth Goldsmith, bookbinder. Then moved to New York, Philadelphia (1837), then back to Boston to work with his former employee. in 1837 went to Providence and worked with John E. Brown, later called: Brown & Cady.  After several other moves he worked with a William G. Hathaway and would later buy his tools. on or about 1841 he began  Dean & Burgess continuing on until 1844 when he returned to Boston and Began Dean & Co. see also: Dean & Burgess. From a lengthy biography. Henry Fritz-Gilbert Waters.  The New England Historical And Genealogical Register.  pg.223-235.

1.  The New England Historical And Genealogical Register.  pg.226

  1. 12 Water Street. ibid

  2. the brother Jeremiah leaves in 1848  and John continues until 1852 when he
    limits his work to stamping and gilding. ibid.

  3. 12 Water, cor, Devonshire.  Boston Directory, 1852.    Adams. also:
    Massachusetts Register for the year 1853, George Adams.

5.  Joins, in 1859, with William Hill  to form Dean & Hill. (see Deann &
Hill) Henry Fritz-Gilbert Waters, The New England Historical And Genealogical
Register.  pg. 226

  1. 11 Shoe and Leather Street.  In 1861 Jeremiah returns to bookbinding and
    Dean & Co is re established and would continue until 1872. ibid.
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