Davis, Samuel B. (Harrisburg, PA)

Samuel B. Davis


next door to Mr. Henning's tavern (Mulberry Street [2.])


Pennsylvania 1.

  1. (1800) "book-binding of any description done. Blank books of any kind
    furnished on the shortest notice" Oracle of Dauphin, Harrisburg, April 7,

2.(1801) " AN APPRENTICE to the Bookbinding business - Apply to Samuel B.
Davis" Oracle of Dauphin,  Harrisburg Pennsylvania, March 23, 1801.  Still
looking for and apprentice in May 1802, oracle of Dauphin, Harrisburg, PA, May
10, 1802.

  1. (1802) "Seneca French-Creek Oil; or, Indian oil, in its purity.. Its use
    has the greatest efficacy in all asthmas, consumptions, dropsies, or any
    internal complaint." ...Oracle of Dauphin, Harrisburg, July 12, 1802.
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