Chittenden, George (Hudson, NY)

George Chittenden*

Bookbinder and Paper Maker  "Chittenden Mills"

"old Mr Leslie's Tailor Shop"


New York. 1.

  • b. dec, 1776 , d. Nov. 28 1845 in Stockport.  Fowler Chittenden and other CT Lines.

  • 'now the residence and store of A. Behrens'...'carried on his business here
    for some years'.  Stephen B. Miller, Sketches of Hudson, pg. 64.

2.  "In 1802 Ezra Sampson, George Chittenden and Harry Croswell started a
newspaper in Hudson, "The Balance and Columbian Repository",   and to supply
their press, Chitttenden  purchased a  one-vat paper-mill...    A few years
later he went to Stockport to build a second mill which he operated from 1810
until his death in 1845, his sons carrying on after him. Lyman Horace Weeks, A
History of Paper-making in America.

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