Case Lockwood, The (Hartford, CT)



Collection ABM 000022 prov. TJ

Case Lockwood & Co. ( est. 1836 as Case Tiffany & Co.) 2.

Printers, Bookbinders and Publishers


Conn. (estab 1836) 1.

image. collection ABM prov TJ

  1. Pearl and Trumbull streets, established in 1836, Chartered in 1873, capital
    $400,000 . Geer's 1898 Hartford City Directory, pg 475.  Ad. includes a nice
    image of a factory building with five floors.

2.  1836: Newton Case, E.D. Tiffany and A. D. Waters bought J. H. Well's
printing business.  and formed Case & Tiffany.  Hartford Board of Trade,
Hartford, Conn., as a manufacturing, Business and Commercial Center. 1889, pg.

  1. 1838: Water withdraws as partner and Leander C. Burnham joins as partner.
    ibid pg. 96.

4.1857 Tiffany & Cooley retire, in 1858 Brainard becomes partner ( seemingly
no name change. see 5 below) ibid pg. 97

  1. 1868: Name changed from Case, Lockwood & Co. to:  Case, Lockwood, Brainard
    &Co. ibid pg. 97.

  2. 1868 under a special state charter the name is changed to: The Case,
    Lockwood, Brainard& Co.. ibid pg. 97.

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