Burnton, Thomas H. (Boston, MA)

Thomas H. Burnton*

Bookbinder and Stationer

no. 28 Cedar

New York

New York (1.)

Spawn #316

  1. 1800** Steven C. Smith The Art of printing Shall Endure, Thesis for the
    Univ. of Missouri-Columbia, 207.

2.(1803) No. 116 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel, "in addition to his former
collection of gilding tools, he has just received from England, a collection
of the newest fashion"...Morning Chronicle, N.Y, Jan. 25. 1803.

(1805)151 Water Street**

  1. (1806) 71 John Street,, Hannah French, "Early American Bookbinding by Hand"
    from: "Bookbinding in America" Lehmann-Haupt ed.,1967, pp.100, 104

  2. (1816) Essex Street,  Boston. Boston City Directory (not listed in 1818)

(1823) 16 Westminster, "continues to manufacturer account books". Providence
Patriot, July 12, 1823.

  1. (1824) 16 Westminster, 77 Weybosset, Providence R. I..  Providence City
    Directory, pg.18.

  2. Spawn lists Burnton as partnered with Elliot (Nathaniel?) at Orange and Elm
    streets in Providence. Spawn 316.

  3. (1821-1828 ),  Providence R.I.  New York City (1800-1806). Early American
    Bookbindings, from the Collection of Michael Papantonio, The Pierpont Morgan
    Library, New York 1972

  4. (1822)  16, Westminster street, "Just Published And for sale at the
    Providence Blank Book Manufactory, No. 16 Westminster street, sign of the
    Imperial Ledger" Rhode Island American, Providence, Aug, 20, 1822.

  5. (1823) Assignees sale ...Public auction...All the Stock in Trade of said
    Burnton... with a complete set of Bookbinder's Tools, raw stock,& c."
    Providence Gazette, Providence, Oct. 11, 1823.

**Register of Artists, Engravers, Booksellers, Bookbinders,Printers and publishers in New York City 1633-1820

DIFFERENT: Thomas H. Burnton

Thomas H. Burnton


New York

New York 1.

  1. (1836) Arrested on a charge of bigamy Spectator (New York, New York) Dec.
    20, 1836
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