Brooks, Philip (New York, NY)

Philip Brooks*


Dock Street (between the Old-slip in Dock street)

New York

New York 1.

  • Hannah French, "Early American Bookbinding by Hand" from: "Bookbinding in America" Lehmann-Haupt ed. 1967. pg.104.

  • (1775)  bookbinder from Dublin,   quotes ad. from  New York Journal April
    25 1775. Grolier Club, Catalogue of Ornamental Leather Bindings  pg. 100.

  • (1775) Book Binder from Dublin, Carries on that business in all its
    branches, at his shop in Dock street, between the Coffee house and Old-slip
    bridge. New or old books lettered, gilt and rebound in the neatest manner;
    merchants and others supplied with blank books, either ruled or plain, on the
    shortest notice; pocket books, memorandum books &c. He will study to give
    general satisfaction to his customers and flatters himself the public will
    favour him with some encouragement,  The New York Gazette and the Weekly
    Mercury, September 25, 1775 "  The Arts and Crafts in New York, The New York
    Historical Society, 1936, vol. LXIX, pg. 244

  • (1778) Norwich, Connecticut   Abstracts of wills (Dunkley), Collections of
    The New York Historical Society, 1904, pg. 22.

  • (1779-1783) Stationer and publisher. Register of Artists, Engravers, Booksellers, Bookbinders,Printers and publishers in New York City 1633-1820

(1783)if Mr Philip Brooks, Bookbinder, and native of Dublin, who came to Philadelphia in the year 1773, and left New York in the year 1780, and has never been heard of, be dead, any person informing ithe Printers of the same, will be thankfully rewarded by his friends, November 1, 1783. The Independent Gazatter, Philadelphia, November 8, 1783.

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