Brewer, John (Providence, RI)

John Brewer



Rhode Island 1.

1.(1800) "John Brewer Respectfully informs the Public, that he has taken a
shop in th House of Mr, Spalding formerly occupied by Mr. Nelson, where he
carries on the Book-Binding Business", providence Journal, Providence, Rhode
Island June 6, 1800.

  1. (1807) Books and Stationary. A few rods east of the Market and nearly
    opposite Messrs. Adams and Lathrop's. : Providence Phenix , Providence Rhode
    Island, February 21, 1807. "a few rods east of the Market, Main street" ibid,
    September 5, 1807

  2. (1810)   Bookseller and Bookbinder, "John Brewer Informs his Friends, and
    the Public That he has removed to a Store a little south of the Baptist
    Meeting House," Rhode island American, Providence, March 2. 1810.

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