Baldwin, Benjamin (San Francisco, CA)

Benjamin Baldwin, 1.


173 Wash(ington)

San Francisco,


The only bookbinder in the 1852 A.W. Morgan directory (none in the 1846 or
1850 or Oct. 52 Bonnard Register of First Class Business Houses in S. F..
Possibly San Francisco's first bookbinder. HOWEVER Lecount advertised in later
years that he was established in 1849. We have not found any contemporary
indication that this was the case. (see: Cooke & Leount or Lecount and Strong)

Was joined by Elliot Thomas in the 1852-53 James M. Parker Directory, Monson,
Haswell & Co. San Francisco City Directory 1852-53

  1. (18610 Langley' directory lists him as Benjamin and the address as 517 Clay

2, (1852) directory has B. Baldwin bookbinder at 173 Wash. and E. Baldwin
Engraver at 152 Washington st.

3.(1856) Baldwin & Emerson, 68 Merchant street: '56 S.F. Business, Baggett,
Joseph & Co.

4.(1858) No listing under bookbinders '58 S.F. Business directory or '59 S. F.
Almanac, Herrick or '59-60 S. F. Business Directory.

  1. (1860-61) Baldwin, Benj. 132 Clay. '60-61 S. F. Business Directory

  2. (1861) 517 Clay. 1861 S. F. Business Directory

7.  Not in 1862 or 1863 Business Directory, Langley's 1863

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