Akerman Charles (Providence, RI)


Charles Akerman

4 Union Building


Rhode Island 1.

  1. (1849) Mercantile Union, Business Directory for New England, pg. 256

  2. () Akerman Co*, Blank Book Manufacturers, 5 Washington Row

not in Spawn

Trade card image courtesy: Vernon Wiering, Wiering Books, Grand Rapids,


  1. Founded February 15th 1836. In 1858 a co-partnership was formed with C. F.
    Rawson and Stephen H. Hall under the name Akerman and Co.. History of the
    State of Rhode Island with illustrations, Albert J. Wright, Philadelphia,

Binders ticket  found on a copy of  "The dramatic Works of Shakespeare" pub.
by N. Rowe, 1849, 1/4  bound in green leather and red cloth. From the
collection of Steve Beare.

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