Aitken, Robert (Philadelphia, PA)

Robert Aitken  (senior and junior)

Bookseller, Stationer Bookbinder

4th door from Market street, in Front street nearly opposite the London Coffee house.

Philadelphia 1.

b. 1735,  d.1802  City of  Philadelphia. Wills: Abstracts Book Y part 2
1800-1802 ( Y.708)

"Robert Aitken was born in Scotland and served a regular apprenticeship with
a bookbinder in Edinburgh. He came to Philadelphia in 1769  as a Bookseller;
returned to Scotland the same year, and came back to Philadelphia in 1771, and
followed the business of bookselling, and binding, both before and after the
revolution. In 1774 , he became a printer". Published one of the first English
language, Bibles printed in America Aitkin would die in 1802. Isiah Thomas
pgs. 401-402

  1. (1771) Just arrived from Glasgow.The Pennsylvania Gazette,, 18 July 1771.

2   Early American Bookbindings, from the collection of Michael Papantonio,
The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York 1972, Active cir,1770's

  1. Front Street, afterward "in Market Street" . 1.  Catalogue of Ornamental
    Leather Bookbindings Executed in America Prior to 1850, by The Grolier Club,

4.(1773) Front Street, Charles Evans American Bibliography; a Chronological
Dictionary of all Books and Pamphlets ,1639-1820. vol. 4, pg. 344.

5.(1774) Bookseller, Stationer and Bookbinder. Pennsylvania Packet, June, 13, 1774.

  1. (1785) Printer and Bookseller, Market between Front and Second. :
    Philadelphia City Directory pg. 2.

  2. (1779 or 1780 Removed to Marker street and would remain here  until he
    died: Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, Vol. 31, 1921, pg. 105.

(1782) Printer . bookseller, bookbinder and Stationer, at Pope's Head in Market street. The Freeman Intelligencer, Philadelphia, Septeber, 25, 1782

  1. (1791) 12 High street (commonly called  Market street)

: Philadelphia City Directory pg. 11. Same address in 1793, pg. 1

9.(1794) 22 High street (commonly called Market street). Philadelphia City Directory pg. 2.

10.(1795) Robert Aitken, junior, printer, Pearson's Court : Philadelphia City
Directory pg. 85.

11.(1798)  Printer and Bookseller, 22 High (commonly called Market street )
street AND Printer Black Horse Alley Philadelphia City Directory . Same
address in 1799  pg. 12. In 1800, pg 12. In 1801 pg.13. In 1802 pg. 14.

12.(1802):  Senior & Co. at 22 high street Jr. still at Pearsons court.
Philadelphia City Directory pg. 14 Same address for Jr. in 1803.

(1813) Aitken, Robert Jr., Bookbinder, 12 Quarry. Robert Aitken Printer 81
St. John Philadelphia,Directory

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