Windham Herald (Windham, CT)

Windham Herald

Newspaper with bookbindery


Connecticut, 1.

  1. (1795) "Wanted immediately, a Journeyman Bookbinder, one who is a good
    workman. Apply to the Printer hereof." Windman Herald, Saturday August , 22

  2. (1800) "wanted at the printing office, tanned SHEEP-SKINS, Suitable for
    bookbinding, for which Books will be given in exchange." Windham Herald,
    January, 23, 1800. Still advertising for sheepskins on November 3, 1802.
    Windham Herald.

  3. (1805) Printing...  "Wanted Tanned Sheep Skins, suitable for bookbinding,
    will be taken for any of the above books"Windham Herald, Windham Connecticut,
    October 3, 1805.

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