Weaver, Philip (Germantown , PA )

WEAVER, PHILIP. Germantown Township. Philadelphia County, Penna. Bookbinder. 
June 14, 1806. March 20, 1824.  8.181.
Estate to my wife: Ann Weaver. 
Legacies to brother: John Weaver and sister: Susanna Keyser, wife of Thomas Keyser. 
Letters to Ann Weaver.
Exec: Wife.  Friend: Jacob Keyser, Cordwainer.
Wit: Abraham Keyser, John Lysinger.
Codicil May 2, 1814. 
Appoint Harman Yerkes, Storekeeper in Montgomery County, in place of Jacob Keyser.
Witness: F. William Buckius.
Wills: Abstracts, Book 8 - Part B: 1824: Philadelphia Co,
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