Turnbull, James (Steubenville , St. Louis, OH, MO)

James Turnbull*

Bookseller, Stationer and Bookbinder

415 Market street "The Turnbull Block"


Ohio 1.
*Born in 1795 , apprenticed in the "bookbinding and stationary business with Messrs. Cramer Spear & Bichbaum of Pittsburg. History of Belmont and Jefferson Counties, John Alexander Caldwell, pg.515.
1. (1816) " the business was established in 1816 by James Turnbull, who also ran a bookbinding establishment in connection to the book and stationary store.
James Turnbull sold the business "to Frazier and Bell in 1848 and they were succeeded by Mr. Layton who was succeeded by Captain Oliver"... The American Stationer, vol. 73, pg. 18.

James Turnbull

Bookseller and Bookbinder

132 N. First, (1842)

St Louis 1.

  1. A Directory of the St Louis Book and Printing Trades to 1850, by David
    Kaser, The New York Public Library,1961, pg.33
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