Thomas, Walter B. ( , PA)

BIO: Walter B. Thomas, Wyoming Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church, PA & NY
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Chaffee, Amasa Franklin. History of the Wyoming 
Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 
New York: Eaton & Mains, 1904, pages 254-255.
THOMAS, WALTER B., was born in Ewhurst Green, Sussex County, England, 
on December 31, 1819, and died in Carbondale, Pa., on May 13, 1897.
His parents were both members of the Methodist Church, and at an 
early age united with the same Church.  He preached his first sermon at 
seventeen years of age.  he did service in the ranks of the local 
ministry sixteen years before coming to America.  After coming to this 
country he did work as a supply under Rev. Zachariah Paddock, presiding 
elder, for a short time and in 1853 joined Wyoming Conference.
In October, 1853, he married Miss Abigail Caroline Turner, of Silver 
Lake, Pa.  On September 1, 1884, after suffering from pulmonary disease 
for some time, she passed from their pleasant home in Athens, Pa., to 
heavenly mansions.  Husband and wife are buried in the cemetery at 
Athens, Pa.  One son was born to them, Professor A. P. Thomas, now 
living at Carbondale.
When he retired from active work, and the proposition was made to 
make his claim upon the superannuates' fund first class instead of 
second, with grace and magnanimity he objected, saying, "I can earn a 
little, and others may suffer if my claim is increased."  He did good 
work at bookbinding for a number of years.
His pastoral record is as follows:  1853, Montrose; 1854, Berkshire; 
1855, Vestal; 1856-57, Athens; 1858-59, Nichols; 1860-61, Orwell; 1862-
63, Gibson; 1864-65, Lisle and Whitney's Point; 1866-67, Castle Creek; 
1868-69, Windsor; 1870, North New Berlin; 1871, Middlefield; 1872-73, 
Bainbridge; 1874-75, Morris; 1876-77, Westville; 1878, Exeter; 1879-81, 
Broome; 1882-97, sd.
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