Taylor, Joseph & Shadrach (Philadelphia, PA)

Joseph & Shadrach Taylor*


384 N. Second Street


Pennsylvania  2.

*Shadrach Taylor was Joseph T. Altemus' Uncle Joseph may have,( it is unclear ) taken over his uncles business. see: Mary Parke Johnson, The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America. Vol. 80, no. 2 1986.

  1. (1790) "The house of Henry Altemus is of long standing. It was established
    in 1790 by Schadrack Taylor who was succeeded in the business by his
    apprentice and nephew, Joseph T. Altemus.the father of the present
    proprietor." (Henry Altemus)  Publishers' Weekly no. 752. June 26, 1886  pg.

  2. (1816) Hannah French, "Early American Bookbinding by Hand" from:
    "Bookbinding in America" Lehmann-Haupt ed. 1967. pg.115.

  3. (1828) Joseph Taylor, bookbinder of Philadelphia, fell overboard from the
    packet sloop Fame, on Wednesday night last, in the Delaware river opposite
    this Borough and was drown." This Joseph Taylor aged 28 would  not have been
    old enough to be a partner in 1816

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