Showmaker, Louis C. (Harrisburg , PA)

Louis C. Shoemaker




BIO: George J. SHOEMAKER, Dauphin County, PA
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Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin County, 
Containing Sketches of Representative Citizens, and Many of the 
Early Scotch-Irish and German Settlers.  Chambersburg, Pa.: 
J. M. Runk & Company, 1896, pages 296-297.

became the owner of all the lots of ground from his father's original 
purchase up to Walnut street, and built thereon four three-story brick 
houses, in one of which he new resides.
Mr. Shoemaker was first married, in 1837, to Elizabeth D. Allen, of 
Strasburg, Lancaster county, Pa.  They had five children.  Anna R., 
their first-born, was married to George Evans, of Pottsville, 
Schuylkill bounty, Pa., and is now the only survivor, in her fifty-
ninth year.  The deceased children are Matilda, George, Ellen, and 
John; the last-named died in 1860, aged thirteen, while attending 
college.  Mr. Shoemaker's second marriage took place in December, 1850; 
his wife was Catharine, daughter of George and Catharine (Rahm) 
Eichholtz.  They had four children:  Maria, wife of D. A. Weidmann, of 
New York; Rose, wife of L. K. Scheffer, of Harrisburg; Louis C., 
bookbinder, Harrisburg; George E., a prominent physician at St. Louis, 
Mo., who traveled through Panama, and returned by way of New York; he 
died July 20, 1889, aged thirty-four.  Mr. Shoemaker is a sound 
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