Pumfrey, John (Richmond, VA)

John Pumfrey

Stationer & Bookbinder



  1. No Date probably 18ht century. Two book labels( slightly different) in the
    collection of the Virginia Historical Society, (1997.191.6.2) prov. John &
    Suse Field.

  2. 1801) "Subscriptions received...by Mr.Pumphrey (sic), Book-Binder" Virginia Argus, Richmond, 10.02.1801

  3. (1802)  ... "It is earnestly requested, that , should there be any claims
    against the late concern of Currie & Pumfrey, they may be brought in for
    adjustment; and those indebted thereto are solicited to come forward and lose
    their accounts, John Pumfrey, surviving, partner" Virginia Argus, (Richmond)
    Jan. 12, 1802

  4. (1806) John Pumfrey, Bookbinder and Stationer "has removed .. two doors
    below his old stand"....  : Enquirer, Richmond Virginia, December 2, 1806.

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