Potts, Stephan (Philadelphia, PA)

Stephan Potts


Third Street, opposite he Church Alley; at the Bible and Crown, in Fourth*


Pennsylvania  ( ca. 1730-1749) 1.
* Although the location seems the same there is a inconsistency between Fourth street and Front-street.
1. Hannah French, "Early American Bookbinding by Hand" from: "Bookbinding in
America" Lehmann-Haupt ed. 1967. pg. 114

2.  Benjamin Franklin, and many others, including  Stephen Potts, Printer and
Bookbinder,   would found ( in 1772) a literary association that would later
become ( in 1731) The Library Company of Philadelphia. Scharf & Westcott,
"History of Philadelphia 1609-1884", pg. inconsistency, 1173.
3.(1743) Stephen Potts, Bookbinder,At the Sign of the Bible & Crown in Front-street."Pennsylvania Gazette May 12, 1743"

  1. (1743) "at the sign of the Bible & crown in Front-street" Pennsylvania Gazette, May 12, 1743.

  2. (1749) Stephen Potts, Bookbinder,Is removed from Market-street, opposite the shambles to Third-street opposite the Church-alley: and continues to bind old and new books to any pattern, at the most reasonable prices, as usual." The Pennsylvania Gazette, June,1, 1749.

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