Pike, George A. (Baton Rouge, LA)

George A. Pike


Baton rouge

Lousiana *1

1.(1843)Baton Rouge Gazette, November 25, 1843.

  1. (1843) "To George A. Pike, Baton Rouge for several specimen of bookbinding 1st premium. The committee would remark that the specimens presented would compare well with any work from the regular establishments at the North. Two Ploughs were presented made at the Louisiana Penitentiary"... Baton Rouge Gazette, January 13, 1844.
    3.(1845)"George A. Pike, Bookbinder and Blank Book Manufacturer, Corner of Church & Lafayette streets, Baton Rouge, La.". Baton Rouge Gazette, July 5, 1845.

4.(1845) Corner of Church & Lafayette streets, Baton Rouge La.. Baton Rouge Gazatte. November 15, 1845.

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