Penniman, Obadiah (Troy, NY)

Obadiah Penniman  & Co. (William S. Parker and Sylvanus F. Penniman)

Printer, Bookbinder and Bookseller

nearly opposite the large brick store of messrs,  Aaron & Derick Lane


New York 1.

  1. (1802) "Obadiah Penniman of the late firm of Thomas Andrews & Penniman in
    the city of Albany. Respectfully informs the public and the friends and
    customers of the late Co-partnership in particular, that he has commenced
    business in the village of Troy..."   and he has entered into Co-partnership
    with William S. Parker and Sylvanus F. Penniman under the firm of Obadiah
    Penniman & Co." Troy Gazette, Troy, New York. December, 21, 1802

  2. (1804) New London Historical Society, Newsletter Winter 2008

(1805) Penniman has just purchased the patent rights  to the Fairbanks Patent
Ruling Machine which will rule and cross rule. Troy Gazette, Troy, New
York.December 17, 1805.

  1. (1808) No 52. Market street Albany , N.Y.  "has removed his Book Binders
    Shop, together with his patent Ruling machine to a room in the second story of
    Messrs. I. & G. Hutton's new store nearly opposite the post office" Albany
    Register, (Albany, N. Y.)  March, 18 and Dec. , 20, 1808.

  2. (1808) "being the proprietor of Fairbank's patent Ruling Machine...he has
    erected one in the room over his Book-Store, No. 32, Market-street..." Albany
    Register, Albany, New York, Dec. 9, 1808.

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