Payot, Upham & Co. (San Francisco, CA)


Payot, Upham & Co,

Blank Book Manufacturers ( Bookbinders. see 4 below)

204 Sansome

San Francisco

California 1.

  1. San Francisco Business Directory,1879

  2. 101 Battery. San Francisco Business Directory,1892.

  3. 204 Pine. San Francisco Business Directory,1897.

  4. First listing under Bookbinders. 1902,Crocker Langley S. F. Business

  5. 102 Battery, San Francisco Business Directory. 1904 Would stay at this
    address until the 1906 San Francisco fire, which destroyed this area.

  6. Payot Upham Co. stationary 777 Bacon Bldg. Oakland. May 1906, Beecher &
    Pike Relief Directory.

  7. No listing for Payot in 1907 (the first directory after the fire) but there
    would be an Isaac Upham Co at 104 Battery. No listing in 1908, Crocker Langley
    S. F. Business Directories.

  8. Payot, Stratford & Kerr, 62 Freemont Street. AND, Payot, Upham & Co, 104
    Battery. 1909, Crocker Langley S. F. Business Directory. Listing remain the
    same in 1910, the last directory checked sequentially.

letterhead collection ABM provenance TJ . Binders ticket collection Lowell
High School archives, San Francisco, courtesy Claudia Eshoo

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