Partridge, John (San Franisco, CA)


John Partridge*


306 California Street

San Francisco

California 1.

*Dutton & Partridge were partners in San Francisco since 1882. In 1897 Partridge would stay at 306 California Street (under Bookbinders) and Samuel Dutton would move to 203 Battery (listed under Blank Book Manufacturer). see: Samuel Dutton and Dutton & Partridge

1 San Francisco Business Directory 1897

  1. John Partridge was still at this address in 1905 In 1906 this area was
    burned in the 1906 San Francisco fire.

  2. 759 Filmore May 1906, Beecher & Pike, Relief Directory

  3. John Partridge was not in the 1907-1910, Crocker Langley S. F. Business

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