Nesbitt, George F. (New York, NY)

George F. Nesbitt*

Stationer, Printer, Bookbinder

and Machinery cut Wood Type Manufacturer

7 Tontine Building**, Wall cor. Water.  h. 170 William

New York

New York (1839). 1

Spawn 164.

*Huttner notes that this 1839 listing is Nesbitt's (1831-1842) first listing as a Bookbinder. see Huttner pg. 166.

** The Tontine Building, built cir. 1792-94 would operate as a merchant association and as a coffee house. it would survive the great fire of 1835 only to be replaced, twenty years later with a larger building of the same name.

  1. 1839, Longworth New York City Directory, pg.488.

2.(1845) Nesbit & Lewis, at No. 11 Spruce street, was destroyed by a fire.
Sun, Baltimore, Oct. 22,1845.

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