McIntyre, John B. (San Franisco, CA)


John B. McIntyre


517 Commercial st.

San Francisco

California, 1.

The 1870 San Francisco Census lists a John B.McEntire bookbinder, 30 years old
born in New York and having $300. personal assets

  1. San Francisco Business Directory, 1869 (first listing in directories).

  2. 540 Clay,1872, San Francisco Business Directory.

  3. Blank Book Manufacturers, 532 Clay, 1873, San Francisco Business Directory.

  4. 509 Clay, 1875,San Francisco Business Directory.

  5. Blank Book Manufacturers (listing) at: 423 Clay, Bookbinders (listing) at
    423 Clay & 422 Commercial,1879, San Francisco Business Directory.

  6. Last listing, until 1899 under Blank Book Manufacturer,1884, San Francisco
    Business Directory, (listing continue as above under Bookbinder) .

  7. 422 Commercial,1890, San Francisco Business Directory.

  8. Re-listed under Blank Book Manufacturer, 1899, San Francisco Business

  9. 424 Sansome, 1902,San Francisco Business Directory. Remained here until
    until the 1906 San Francisco fire, which burned this area.

  10. 479 11th street Oakland, May 1906, Beecher & Pike Relief Directory

  11. McIntyre, J. B. Bindery Co. 1161-1165 Howard, 1907 San Francisco Business
    Directory, the first directory after the 1906 fire

  12. 523 Clay Street. 1910, Crocker Langley S. F. Business Directory.

  13. Yearly checking of directory stops at 1910 however: McIntyre, J. B.
    Bindery 442 Sansome, Crocker-Langley Directory, 1922 ( same address as a W. S.

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