LeCount Brothers & Mansur (San Franciso, CA)

LeCount Brothers & Mansur, 1.

Blank Book Manufacturers

419 Montgomery St.

San Francisco

California, 2.

  1. see also LeCount & Strong

  2. San Francisco Business Directory 1873

  3. LeCount Brothers ( no Mansur) San Francisco Business Directory, 1875

  4. 531 Market. San Francisco Business Directory, 1883.

  5. Still at this address in the 1905 directory (the last before the 1906 San
    Francisco fire which burned this area). 1905, Crocker Langley S. F. Business

note: a L. J. LeCount was relocated to Filmore Street May 1906 Beecher & Pike
San Francisco Relief Directory not sure he was a bookbinder

  1. LeCount, Clark & Ormond, 220 Market Street.1907, Crocker Langley S. F.
    Business Directory, (the first directory after the fire).

  2. 42 California Street. 1910, Crocker Langley S. F. Business Directory.

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