Knox, Henry (Boston, MA)

General Henry Knox ( b.1750 d. 1806)


opposite the west end of the Town (Old State) House


Mass. 1.
Apprenticed at the bookstore of Daniel Henchman's bookstore. Samuel Adams Drake, Old Landmarks and Historic Personages of Boston pg. 85

  1. "General Knox was a Bookbinder, and pursued that occupation, opposite the
    west end of the Town (Old State) House; and was a founder of a corps of
    Grenadiers in Boston, among whom he acquired the first rudiments of military
    tactics."History of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, By Zachariah
    Gardner Whitman,1842, pg.301-302.

2.  Bookbinder, Patriot, Revolutionary War General, Washington's Chief of
Artillery, and  this country's first Secretary of War. General Knox Museum.

  1. 1771, Cornhill,  John Langdon and Henry Knox both apprenticed with Warton &
    Bowers. J. Leander Bishop, History of American Manufacturers, 1868, pg. 192
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