Johnson, Reyner (Philadelphia, PA)

Reyner Johnson



Pennsylvania (1720) 1.

   Broke out of Salam Goal, Reyner JOHNSON a Tall  
Thin Man, six foot six Inches high, about 22 Years  
of Age, had then on a Cinamon Coloured Coat, Vest  
and Breeches, short black Hair.  
Henry COULTON, a Middle Sized Man, down look,  
black Curled Hair very like a Perriwig; had then on  
a light Coloured broad Cloath Coat, black Jacket and  
Breeches.  He had a Pass from the Mayor of the  
City of Philadelphia which he Obtained before the  
commiting the felony for which they were Imprisoned,  
The first is a Bookbinder, the other a Printer by  
Trade and were late Servants to Mr. BRADFORD of  Philadelphia.

1. New Jersey Colonial Records part 2
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