John Steele (StLouis, MO)

" The notorious John Steele"

St. Louis


Attorney counselor at law, land Agent, late Editor of the Political
Intelligencer at little Rock, compiler of the Laws of Arkansas,"under the
direction and superintendence"of ex-governor Pope, Book-binder and stationer,
& . & *c. who it seems , is engaged in a new employment- or , rather,
continuing an old one, which he was strongly suspected of being concerned in
before he left this place. It appears, from  the letter before us that John A
Brown (probably the same who has obtained some celebrity in this quarter) some
months sine, sold a negro boy named Jim Crow, to Messrs. Clements & Desoby, of
Iberville Parish, and that, on the morning of the 21st July, Steele, in
company with Samuel Holliday and Vermillion Aldridge, landed at the plantation
of those gentlemen, before day-light, went to the cabin where the boy slept,
got possession of him, and bore him off. They were pursued by the overseer,
and overtaken at Iberville, where a criminal prosecution was commenced against
Steele and Holliday , by the owners of the boy." ... its appears, from what we
can learn, that he has an extensive acquaintance amount he villains who prowl
through  the country, stealing negroes,and when one is stolen and sold
,ascertains where he is, and then, for an extravagant reward, restores the
stolen property to the rightful owner"... Daily Commercial Bulletin, St Louis,
Sept. 14, 1835.

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