Ivison, H. & Co (Auburn, NY)


H. (Henry) Ivison & Co

Bookbinders, Booksellers & Stationers


New York  1.

1."Henry Ivison, publisher, was born in Glasgow, Scotland, 25 December 1808;
died in New York City, 26 November 1884. He came to the United States in 1820,
and was apprentice to William Williams, of Utica, for the purpose of learning
the bookbinder's trade. After serving his time he continued with his employer
until about 1830, when he established the house of H. Ivison and Co. in Auburn
New York. in 1846 he removed to New York city and became associated with Mark
H. Newman in the publishing business"... later Ivison and Phinney,  later:
Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor and Co." upon retirement...was succeeded by his only
son David B. Ivison" Virtual American Biographies

  1. came to Utica  with his father in 1820 later 16 years in Aburn. M. M.
    Bragg, Pioneers of Utica, pg. 619.

image courtesy: Vernon Wiering, Wiering Books, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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