Holbrook, (East Village, Brattlebourough, VT)


Bookbinder & papermaker

East Village


1()."The Brattleboro Bookstore, William Fessenden died suddenly in Northampton, Massachusetts on January 20, 1815. His widow was Patty Holbrook, the daughter of John Holbrook of Brattleboro. Mrs. Patty Fessenden owned the large two-and-a-half story brick building that William had built specifically for a bookstore.
This bookstore is mentioned in an August 20, 1817 deed that was drawn up when Patty Fessenden bought the strip of land that became the lane, or alley between the present-day Richardson Block and the American Building.
A few feet north of our old hovel is a block or row of brick buildings, used principally for merchants' stores. One of them is a bookstore and bindery, in which extensive business is carried on in connection with the paper-making and printing establishments before mentioned.Letter Written In Brattleboro 1836,
Stephen Greenleaf, Jr.". http://brattleborohistory.com/

  1. (1824)(+-) Paper is manufactured here in Holbrook's paper mill to the amount of 19 or 1$2,000. and in his printing and bookbinding establishment business is done to the amount of 20 to $25000 annually. A Gazetteer of the state of Vermont, Zadock Thompson, page 70.
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